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The conception of a perfect bread starts with the perfect recipe and carefull selection of fine ingredients. But in recent decades the production transformed from handiwork to fully automated processes to remain competitive.

Softtec has been a reliable partner for over 20 years, for any size bakery, delivering high-quality equipment in combination with automation technology. Bridging the gap between artian and industrial. Our focus is the storage and dosage of raw materials – from outdoor and indoor silo to industrial scales, recipe controllers, automation of existing installations, small components dispensing systems and hygienic production of pre- and sourdough systems.

We see ourselves as a partner, the close cooperation between customers and our engineers and automation technicians ensures tailor-made solutions.

Mechanics and control technology – from one single source!

All machines are designed in a 3D CAD system with attention to detail, and built using the latest automation technology and CNC machines.

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