Of course the SFI silos are equally suitable for organic and conventional goods.

The Softtec HWP.8 Professional Series hopper scale convinces especially by precise weighing and sophisticated design.

The HWP.8 integrates the entire cable management, pneumatics and filter system into the scale.

The calibration of the scale has also been taken into consideration. A calibration eyelet is integrated into each carrying strap of the balance, which is equipped with suitable calibration weights for easy calibration.

The scale is equipped with 3 high-quality load cells and a precision measuring amplifier and thus ensures a precise weighing result.

The scale can be emptied directly into the kneader or via an aspiration hood into a kneading bowl.

Optionally, the removal station can be equipped with a suction hood and circulation aspiration.

Technical specifications

Sizes: 80, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 kg
Transport system: vacuum or pressure pneumatics
Filter system: Jetfilter
Inlet connections: up to 4
Material: stainless steel