IAS.4 – Micro System


The IAS.4 Small Component Block allows the dosing of shot, powder and crystalline raw materials.

The machine containers are filled by a filling station. The raw material is conveyed directly into the container and the conveying air is separated by a filter assembly.

The filter cartridges can be easily changed via an inspection opening.

Removal from the containers is effected by a screw discharge. The container is equipped with vibropads for aeration and vibration.

Optionally it is possible to dose from ALL containers at the same time to increase the cycle time of the machine significantly!

The intermediate container in the dosing unit takes up approx. 50 liters of material.

The conveying system for the further transport to the production line can be designed as vacuum or as pressure pneumatic.

Technical specifications

Material: stainless steel V2A
capacity: 4 x 206 or 4 x 370 l
Filter system: 2 x jet filter / container
Filling: Pressure pneumatic
Storage level weighing: Optional
Parallel dosing: Optional

Center tank: 50 l net volume
discharge: pressure or suction pneumatic