Modular silo for indoor installation


The SFI series of silos enables space-saving and hygienic storage of all types of flour.

The modular construction consisting of a gutter, attachment and filter cover allows the silo cell to be assembled according to your needs and space conditions.

The silo is filled via the front-mounted injection pipe either from a tank truck, a mill or other filling system. The resulting filling air is separated into the room via the surface filter.

The removal is done by fluidizing the flour via an aeration floor. At the lowest point of the aeration floor, a blow-through air lock is installed which doses the flour into the conveying system. Depending on the type of plant, the flour is transported to the hopper scale via pressure or suction pneumatics. The specially developed aeration floor facilitates the product change by an almost complete emptying.

The well thought-out design is evident in the completely screwed construction and the easy to clean and change aeration floor. Precise production on state-of-the-art machines and the selection of the best materials ensure a long – dust-free and trouble-free – function of the silo.

Of course the SFI silos are equally suitable for organic and conventional goods.

Technical specifications

minimum size: 1450 x 1450 mm
maximum size: 2950 x 2950 mm
Material: aluminium or stainless steel

The silo body can be manufactured starting from the minimum and maximum dimensions in 100 mm increments in the dimensions width, depth and height.